Professional Experiences

Technical Design Specialist

October 2000 – 2004
Teague | Everett WA

A new position at the time - translate design concepts into full scale showcase mockups of aircraft interiors and manage build fabrication. Take the core design elements of a concept and design a full scale mockup that allows clients to experience the design intent. This position taught me the value of practical design and the reality that a design is only as good as it's capability to be fabricated. 

  • Mechanical and structural design of full scale enclosures and moving components with attention to detail.
  • Use knowledge of materials and fabrication techniques to represent production type materials. 
  • Working with a multitude of fabrication techniques: tooling, machining, rapid prototyping, electronics
  • Manage multiple suppliers and sequencing of outsourced components 
  • Manage a small group of mockup builders to maintain project goals, intent, and schedule

Palmares:  Boeing 787 Sales Mockup, OFAR Mockups,