Professional Experiences

Principle Industrial Designer

2010 – Present
Teague | Seattle WA

I helped to establish a new studio within Teague that focused on all transportation industries and  the broader aviation industry -not solely on Boeing related projects. This role allowed me to use my knowledge of aviation and transportation design to develop and foster strong, lasting relationships with new clients while mentoring a new studio of designers 

  • Help to develop and kick-off new studio within Teague to focus on the greater aviation and transportation design industries. 
  • Mentor and help direct creative minds within the studio
  • Build and foster new and old client relationships
  • Mange large, multidisciplinary projects

Palmares: B/E Aerospace Essence family of inserts, 737 Advanced Lavatory, Daimler Truck Sleeper Cab, ANA, Oman Airlines, Panasonic IFE Systems.

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Senior Industrial Designer

2008 – 2010
Teague | Everett WA

In this role I became more client facing. I developed relationships with various groups within Boeing and worked on almost all aspects of the interior that Boeing offers. I worked closely with Boeing's customers to communicate and convey concepts on behalf of Boeing. 

  • Client and customer focused. 
  • Lead small and large multidisciplinary teams 

Palmares: 787, Emirates 777-300ER Premium Class interior, V- Australia Bar Unit, 777 Entryway (American)

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Industrial Designer

2004 – 2008
Teague | Everett WA

  • I designed aircraft interiors predominantly for Boeing as our main client.
  • I worked closely with Boeing aerospace design engineers and manufacturing engineers to develop the most appropriate and compelling interior solutions.
  • I worked with small and large multidisciplinary teams to develop interior designs and presentation material
  • I helped to develop and design ideal usage for passenger and crew within confined spaces.

Palmares: Paris Airshow Conceptual 777 Interior; 787, 777 Crew Rests

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Technical Design Specialist

October 2000 – 2004
Teague | Everett WA

A new position at the time - translate design concepts into full scale showcase mockups of aircraft interiors and manage build fabrication. Take the core design elements of a concept and design a full scale mockup that allows clients to experience the design intent. This position taught me the value of practical design and the reality that a design is only as good as it's capability to be fabricated. 

  • Mechanical and structural design of full scale enclosures and moving components with attention to detail.
  • Use knowledge of materials and fabrication techniques to represent production type materials. 
  • Working with a multitude of fabrication techniques: tooling, machining, rapid prototyping, electronics
  • Manage multiple suppliers and sequencing of outsourced components 
  • Manage a small group of mockup builders to maintain project goals, intent, and schedule

Palmares:  Boeing 787 Sales Mockup, OFAR Mockups, 

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